02/08/2019 19:08 EST | Updated 02/09/2019 13:56 EST

This Fall, You Can Visit The 'Gilmore Girls' Real-Life Stars Hollow.. In Canada

If you've always wanted to stroll the picturesque town, this is your chance.

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
Actresses Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham attend the premiere of 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' at Regency Bruin Theatre on Nov. 18, 2016 in Los Angeles.

If you were obsessed with the "Gilmore Girls" like the rest of us back in the day, much of that obsession likely had as much to do with Stars Hollow as it did with the quickfire dialogue and Rory's relationship drama.

The oft-frequented Luke's Diner serving up large plates of crinkle fries. Sookie and Lorelai's Dragonfly Inn troubles. Rory running into Dean at Doose's Market. That gazebo. All the quirky characters (read: Kirk). Stars Hollow was like a YA novel come to life, with high-school romances, mom-daughter tiffs and bestie bondings all taking place in this little town, filled with seasonal splendour.

And now for a fun fact: did you know that the original pilot of the fictional Connecticut town where the Gilmores (and a wide array of colourful townsfolk) lived was shot in Canada? Historic Main Street Unionville, in the city of Markham, Ont. to be exact.

So, if you always wished you could experience this unique and magical town IRL, come Oct. 4-6, you can! The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest (we're also miffed we hadn't heard about this GG gang sooner) will be holding its first international fan festival on Main Street, Unionville, this fall.

"For anyone who has ever wanted to stand in the very spot Lorelai so confidently strode across the street to the tune of 'There She Goes,' we are pretty confident you'll love Unionville, Canada," the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest website noted.

Indeed, in the original pilot, Lorelai crosses Main Street to enter Luke's Diner for the very first time.

"Historic Main Street is a great setting for an event like this and we've already begun to hear from fans across the globe who are planning their first trip to Canada specifically for this event," said Shawna Ferguson, executive director of the Unionville Business Improvement Area, in a news release.

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