02/14/2019 15:00 EST | Updated 02/14/2019 16:04 EST

'Born And Raised' Podcast: Listen To A Lovestruck Teaser For Season 2

“How could he not follow me back?”

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HuffPost Canada's storytelling podcast about children of immigrants served up delicious dialogues in its first season. Our mini-series about food was featured by Apple Podcasts' New and Noteworthy, and won kudos from BlogTO and CBC.

We're getting ready our second season, which is all about the love stories of the children of immigrants in Canada. We'll be baring our hearts about our partners, our families, ourselves — the relationships that matter most.

Before going steady with us, we'd like to treat you to a Valentine's Day teaser from a future episode that features Fahmida Kamali and Ahmed Saleh. The newlyweds share a snippet of the Muslim dating experience and how it influenced the start of their relationship.

Fahmida Kamali and Ahmed Saleh started their romance as many young modern couples do - on Instagram.

Theirs is a millennial romance brimming with Instagram drama, proposal over text, and "keeping it halal." You can listen above.

If you've got a soft spot for stories like these, stay tuned, gentle lovers: "Born And Raised: Love" is coming your way soon.

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