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Black Men Talk About The Most Important Love Lesson They've Learned

"Put love over everything."

"It's very important for me, the way I raise my children, to tell them I love them every day."

"Love just seems to be lacking. There seems to be a love deficit in this world."

"Everyone has a different love language."

These are just a few of the thoughts on love from the men we spoke to at the Journey To Black Liberation Symposium, which was held recently at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. They'd already done a lot of sharing on the topic, speaking on a panel on Black fathers and what they teach their sons about love.

So, we asked them: What's the most important lesson you've learned about love?

'The most important lesson I've learned definitely came from my mother, being a strong, Black woman as she is," said Troy Crossfield, an actor, playwright and producer, "she always encouraged us to put love over everything."

Angelyn Francis/HuffPost Canada
We asked some of the men who participated in the Journey To Black Liberation Symposium in Toronto about the love lessons they've learned.

Is it surprising to hear men talk about love? It's a topic Brandon Hay has been focused for years in his life and work as founder of the Black Daddies Club, and as the co-curator of the symposium, alongside activist and NYC house-ball icon Michael Roberson Maasai Milan and Twysted Miyake-Mugler of Toronto's house-ball scene.

And the discussions over the two-day event didn't shy away from love, be it romantic, parental or self-love, and the ways it's expressed, and is felt, by people within the Black community.

"When you think about the continued assault as it relates to white supremacy and racism, this notion of celebrating and elevating Black love is critical to our ultimate survival," said David Miller, founder of Dare To Be King.

Watch the video above to hear more from the participants, who are, in order:

  • Troy Crossfield, actor, playright, producer and songwriter
  • David Miller, author and founder, Dare To Be King
  • Ed Gough Jr., radio host and leadership coach
  • Andray Domise, columnist, speaker
  • Roger Dundas, founder,

Video shot, produced and edited by Angelyn Francis.

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