This Slow-Cooker Chicken Marsala Recipe Is Easy And Perfect For Date Night

It's so rich and flavourful.

But it's also a weeknight, and if you have kids, that likely means romance isn't exactly on the menu what with the feeding them, entertaining them, and putting them to bed.

But once your little ones are finally asleep, why not light a few candles and enjoy a restaurant-style meal for two with this Delish recipe for slow cooker chicken marsala? It's flavourful, it's fancy, it's rich, it contains ingredients adults actually enjoy (like mushrooms! and wine!), but it's also super-convenient.

Prep it earlier in the day and let it simmer while you do school pickups, cut pizza into heart shapes for your kids, ooh and aah over their valentines, bathe them and tuck them in. When you're done, the marsala will be waiting.