02/20/2019 14:07 EST | Updated 02/20/2019 15:27 EST

Hasbro Announces A Baby Shark Play-Doh Set Is On The Way

Because there wasn't enough Baby Shark in your kid's life.

Hasbro has announced it's releasing a Baby Shark Play-Doh set.

Did you think the world already had more Baby Shark than human beings could reasonably handle? Brace yourselves, because much like a prehistoric predator with three sets of teeth, you will never escape its grasp.

Hasbro has announced an upcoming Baby Shark Play-Doh set, featuring both baby and adult shark-shaped cookie cutters, a fish mold, a knife, a roller, and seaweed and coral-shaped accessories.

That's right: a Baby Shark toy that will get all over the house and may possibly be swallowed by your child!

"This vibrant set lets Baby Shark fans build baby, mommy and daddy shark using the cutters and accessories — even create a moustache for grandpa shark or glasses for grandma shark!" the company told parenting site Romper.

Hasbro has partnered with Pinkfong for a Baby Shark Play-Doh set.

The disturbingly catchy Korean children's song has been around since 2016, but went viral last summer and doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Baby Shark plush toys from the Montreal company WowWee sold out within two days. There's also a book, Fingerling toys, clothes, and a lunchbox. And yes, it has even hit the point of virality where people have been advised not to participate in a dangerous stunt (the "Baby Shark Challenge.")

The Play-Doh kit will be available in the U.S. in early May. HuffPost Canada has reached out to Hasbro for details about the Canadian release, and we'll be sure to let you know when you can welcome the baby shark overlords into your home.

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