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Weekly Meal Plan: 6 Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes (March 3-8)

You can't go wrong with these meals.

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This kid-friendly meal plan will get you through the entire week.

Ah, the weekend.

Time to put your feet up, relax ... and figure out what the heck you're going to make for dinner every night next week. Oh, and don't forget to account for your busy schedule, your kid's extremely particular palette, and the fact that you probably want to serve something at least somewhat healthy.

NBD, right? Well, actually, it kind of is NBD because once again we did the hard work for you by poring over recipes to come up with a meal plan that's fun and — this is the keyword — feasible.

Below are six kid-friendly dinner recipes that parents will also enjoy eating, are fairly healthy, and are quick and easy to make.

Happy cooking!

Sunday: Salmon in the slow cooker

Not only is this recipe ridiculously easy to make, but the salmon is so flavourful and moist, it's the only way you'll ever want to cook fish from now on. Make some rice and veggies on the side, and you have a delightful Sunday dinner.

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Monday: Crispy sheet pan gnocchi and veggies


Store-bought gnocchi makes this recipe a breeze, and ... just look at it. Meatless Monday never looked so good.

Get the recipe: The Kitchn

Tuesday: Ground turkey sweet potato skillet


Hello, Turkey Tuesday! Hello, one-pan, 30-minute meal. Hello, happiness.

Get the recipe:Primavera Kitchen

Wednesday: Meatball zucchini boats


It's a known fact that kids love meatballs. But you might even get them to eat a vegetable with these meatball zucchini boats. Yes, they take about 50 minutes to make, but you can shave off about 15 minutes if you prep the meatballs the night before.

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Thursday: Chicken pot pie noodles


This recipe combines two kid favourites — chicken pot pie, and noodles — and is ready in just 40 minutes (less if you're using leftover chicken).

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Friday: Pizza monkey bread


Everyone knows Friday = pizza night. But this recipe makes pizza even more fun (and using refrigerated crescent roll dough makes it super easy).

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