03/10/2019 15:04 EDT | Updated 03/10/2019 15:07 EDT

Ryan Reynolds Posts Ridiculously Cute Throwback From His Vancouver Childhood

And, uh, his home address is included.

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Ryan Reynolds attends the premiere of

Ryan Reynolds reps Vancouver hard. He talks up his hometown constantly, includes it in his social media handles, and has lent his support to local causes like a crusade to save an iconic movie theatre and a documentary about B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest.

But he took it to the next level when he posted an Instagram photo of the time he was featured in a local newspaper at age three. Just a future movie star, hanging out at the community centre pool in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood.

As he points out in the caption, it's definitely a bit weird that his address was included. If it was a small neighbourhood paper as opposed to a bigger one serving the whole city, maybe they wanted to highlight that he lives in that neighbourhood? But surely the area or even the street could have communicated that without the address itself.

The website Vancouver is Awesome is trying to figure out which "hometown newspaper" this is — their best guess is that it's the Vancouver Courier or a similar community publication. Godspeed on your quest to figure out the answer to this great mystery!

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