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10 Easy And Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

Your little leprechauns will love these.

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Kids will love these St. Patrick's Day crafts.

Break out the green glitter!

St. Patrick's Day is nearly here, and if you have small kids in your life, you're probably more likely to partake in festive crafts than you are green beer.

Maybe you even like it better that way.

We rounded up some creative, easy crafts that kids will love (and you'll love helping with). Shamrocks! Rainbows! Leprechauns! And even a slime craft, since kids inexplicably are obsessed with the gooey stuff.

Here are 10 crafts to try this St. Patrick's Day:

1. Green glitter play dough


It's not crafting unless you get glitter all over yourself/house/life.

Learn how to make it:A Mom's Impression

2. Leprechaun handprint


How cute is this handprint?

Learn how to make it:Simple Everyday Mom

WATCH: Make shamrock shakes at home! Story continues below.

3. Cereal rainbow craft


Bring on the Froot Loops. And toddlers love sorting, so this craft is two activities in one.

Learn how to make it:Growing A Jeweled Rose

4. Leprechaun lookers


Perfect for checking if you snagged any leprechauns in your leprechaun traps.

Learn how to make it: Love Your Littles

5. Pot o' gold slime


Fact: kids love slime.

Learn how to make it: Momdot

6. Leprechaun hat


Bonus: this cute craft doubles as a decoration

Learn how to make it: Fireflies and Mudpies

7. LepreCuties


OMG, we need this. Also, kids love looking at themselves, so they will be very into this.

Learn how to make it: All Free Kid's Crafts

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8. Mosaic paper shamrocks


This is a great gluing exercise!

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9. Rainbow shaker wands


It's a craft and it's a toy!

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10. Shamrock thumbprint craft


This is so sweet. And kids will love dabbing away at it.

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