03/19/2019 11:07 EDT | Updated 03/19/2019 11:42 EDT

APlus Is Anthropologie's New Plus-Size Collection

But it will only be available in-store at one Canadian location.

Three of the outfits from APlus, Anthropologie's new plus-sized collection.

Anthropologie, the clothing company that won't rest until you've spent your entire paycheck on flowy gowns and whimsical shower curtains, has launched a new line in hopes of expanding their customer base.

The company's new collection, APlus, offers more than 100 styles styles up to size 26. Unlike the way some store market plus-size offerings, APlus won't be a separate brand, but will instead offer extended sizes of many of Anthro's original products. That means clothing by Maeve, Pilcro and the Letterpress, Cloth & Stone, T.La, and many other brands the company sells frequently.

Dresses from Anthropologie's new plus-sized collection APlus.

For now, APlus is only available in-store at 10 of Anthropologie's hundreds of locations. The only Canadian store on the list is the Anthropologie in Shops at Don Mills in north Toronto.

The collection is also available on the store's website. The company says it plans to keep adding to the APlus collection.

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More than half of Canadian women have bodies that require "non-traditional" clothing options, according to a 2013 study by the market research group NPD. That means they need to buy "plus-size," tall, petite or junior options. The majority of the women who look for "non-traditional" clothing sizes are looking for larger sizes.

In a piece about APlus for The Atlantic, Amanda Mull noted that many plus-sized brands only go up size 22, smaller than Anthro's 26. She also wrote that it's rare for a higher-end retail brand to make a choice of this kind.

"The more aspirational a brand is, the smaller its size range tends to be," she said. "If your body falls outside the bounds of acceptability set by most clothing brands, there are only so many identities you get to express."

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