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Sweden’s Prince Oscar Is Adorably Grumpy In Photos From Princess Victoria's Name Day

Your move, Prince George.

We all know Britain's Prince George as the little royal serving big mood.

But it seems there's a new hilariously honest prince on the scene. It's time to bow down to Sweden's Prince Oscar, the king of grumps.

Michael Campanella via Getty Images
Prince Oscar of Sweden, having none of it, and Princess Estelle of Sweden attend the Crown Princess' Name Day celebrations at the Stockholm Royal Palace on March 12, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Prince Oscar, Duke of Skåne, is the three-year-old son of Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel. He is third in line to Sweden's throne — just like Prince George is in the U.K.!

And also just like George, who is now five years old, little Oscar tells us exactly what he's feeling, good and bad, with his facial expressions. A deep dive into his public photos shows us he's always been ... expressive ... but the world is taking notice after a relatable and hilarious series of photos taken March 12 at the Crown Princess' Name Day celebrations.

In reality, the little guy (who is also often pictured smiling adorably) is just doing what kids do: having fleeting feelings that just happened to be captured on camera.

But while his sister Princess Estelle, 7, smiled and waved sweetly, Prince Oscar looked like someone just tried to tell him ice cream isn't a breakfast food. And, as is the way with very young children, we may never know why he was such a cranky pants.

Michael Campanella/Getty Images
Prince Oscar, who wants the world to know he'd rather be watching "Paw Patrol," walks with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince Oscar of Sweden, Princess Estelle of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden.

Maybe because it was cold? Royal Central did note that it was a chilly day, and that at one point Estelle was seen trying to warm her brother up by hugging him and rubbing his shoulders.

Michael Campanella via Getty Images
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, probably trying to bribe Oscar into smiling by promising him sweet, sweet candy after the ceremony. Prince Oscar, not taking the bait, holds out for a pony.

Or maybe because it was bright? It was awfully sunny. Is it possible the young prince was just squinting?

Michael Campanella via Getty Images
Princess Estelle of Sweden, probably telling her mother that she would happily accept some candy, as wee Prince Oscar endures horrifying potty training flashbacks.

Maybe it was close to nap time? Lunchtime? Playtime? Maybe he's having a growth spurt? Is he having a developmental leap?

Michael Campanella via Getty Images
The whole family enjoys a laugh while Oscar remembers that time his food touched other food on a plate.

Whatever the reason, Oscar's mood has made ours immeasurably better.

But don't worry, like any threenager, Oscar apparently experienced a whole swing of emotions that day, including joy.

Michael Campanella via Getty Images
Princess Victoria of Sweden, probably telling Oscar through gritted teeth that, FINE, he can have a pony.

Adorable! We love him.

Even more so because he has a lifelong pattern of keeping it real. Like at his christening.

Jonas Ekstromer/AFP/Getty Images
Arch Bishop Antje Jackela holds Prince Oscar - who is NOT A FAN OF WATER, THANKYOUVERYMUCH - while Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel look on at the christening on May 27, 2016 at the Chapel in Stockholm's Royal palace.

And his mother's 39th birthday party.

Julian Parker via Getty Images
Prince Oscar of Sweden, daring you to tell him he's too young for cake, at Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's 39th Birthday celebrations at Solliden Palace on July 14, 2016 in Oland, Sweden.

We're not worthy.

(Don't worry, Prince George, we still love you.)

Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images
Britain's Prince George, the OG king of the grumps, arrives for his first day of school in London on Sept. 7, 2017.

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