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Keanu Reeves Plays Duke Caboom In 'Toy Story 4'

He plays "Canada's greatest stuntman."

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Keanu Reeves plays Duke Caboom, Canada's greatest stuntman, in

One of the characters in the upcoming "Toy Story 4" is a toy version of "Canada's greatest stuntman." And you didn't think Disney was going to disappoint us by casting some American, did you?

Breathe a sigh of relief, because the voice behind the excellently-named and even more excellently-mustachioed Duke Caboom in the fourth instalment of the series, in theatres June 21, is none other than Toronto-raised Keanu Reeves.

You might have seen Canada's greatest stuntman in his very quick appearance in the new trailer for the movie. He shows up ever-so-briefly towards the end, and his only appearance in the trailer is to state his name/catchphrase: "Caboom!"

Here's what we know about the character so far, based on Disney's description: Duke Caboom is a toy from the 1970s based on a Canadian celebrity.

"Riding his powerful Caboom stunt-cycle, Duke is always prepared to show off his stunt poses with confidence and swagger," the description states. But it turns out he isn't actually as good at stunts as advertised, and "for years, Duke has been sitting in the antique store, constantly reliving the failures of his tragic past."

Reeves spoke to People magazine about the character, and didn't exclaim "Caboom!" (as far as we know).

Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom, Canada's greatest stuntman, in "Toy Story 4."

"He's the greatest stuntman in Canada!" he told the magazine. "Duke becomes an important part of [Woody's] mission. They use his skills as a motorcycle daredevil, but what they ask him to do confronts his fear of failure. So he has to, kind of, face his fear in order to help the greater good."

He also, notably, has an exaggerated Hulk Hogan-esque mustache. The 70s!

It's a big day for our favourite broody "Matrix" star: he and Alex Winter just announced on Twitter that "the world is about to get a lot more excellent" when they reunite for the third "Bill and Ted" movie, to be released in the summer of 2020.

No word yet on whether that franchise will also adopt Canadian characters, but we live in hope.

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