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Tims Rewards Is The New Tim Hortons Rewards Program

Canadians have been asking for one for years.

Rejoice, fellow Canadians, for the day we've all been waiting for is finally here.

Tim Hortons has launched a rewards program after a year of testing. Consumers who join the program can have a free coffee, tea or baked good after every seventh visit — in honour of founder and NHL icon Tim Horton's jersey number.

The coffee and tea rewards can be any size, and all baked goods except Timbits and bagels are included in the program. All visits where customers spend over 50 cents qualify for the program, but more than one visit can't be logged in the same half hour period.

Natalie Stetchyson/HuffPost Canada
Tim Hortons has launched its own rewards program for customers.

The company plans on expanding the products that can be redeemed through the Tims Rewards program going forward, according to Bloomberg.

"Tim Hortons has some of the most loyal guests in Canada and Tims Rewards allows us to say thank you," Alex Macedo, the company's president, said in a news release. "We heard from our guests that a new rewards program had to be easy to use and redeem, that's why we offer both a reusable card and a digital friendly app."

Customers who have accumulated awards can choose to use them later, and bank up to five at a time, with unused rewards expiring 120 days after being obtained, reported.

Natalie Stetchyson/HuffPost Canada
Customers can get a plastic rewards card at Tim Hortons locations, or use an app instead.

The company said it hoped to start a loyalty program last spring, following high-profile disputes with franchisees that shook many people's trust in the chain.

"Ultimately why we launched this program was a reaction to the voice of our guests," Mike Hancock, the company's COO, told Bloomberg. "We listened to our guests and they said this is something that they wanted."

Many of Tim Hortons' competitors have had loyalty programs for some time — McDonalds has paper cards that customers can add stickers to that give them a free drink after they've accumulated seven stickers and recently expanded their program to include app functionality, while Starbucks has had its own unique card and app rewards program for years, though the company revamped their program this week to provide different reward tiers.

Tim Hortons
A provided photo of the Tims Rewards app screen.

People interested in joining the new program can get a plastic swipe card from a Tim Hortons location, or download the newest version of the franchise's phone app to use as a card and track how close you are to your next reward. People with iPhones or Android phones can also add a virtual card to their digital wallets to use instead.

The company says the program will also debut mobile offers and discounts going forward.

Who needs Roll-Up-The-Rim's supposed one in six prize chances when you now have a guaranteed freebie after seven?

Although we're still holding out for the car....

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