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Bike Accessories to Put Fun in Motion

So, you've just bought your child the bike they've always wanted. Excitement is running high. Before they hit the road to experience the freedom and fun cycling offers, make sure they have everything they need to get up to speed.

A helmet is a crucial piece of equipment that can save lives and limit injuries. With an ever-growing number of styles, colours and designs, helmets are a fun way to show off your child's individuality while also promoting safety.

In partnership with Canadian Tire, here are other fun, customizable bike accessories to help your child explore their creativity and individuality with confidence.

Jazz It Up

Give your child's hands and feet, well, a hand! From Disney princess pedals to cool alloy cages, your child can put a personal stamp on their bike's appearance starting with colourful spoke beads on their tires and working all the way to their fingertips, with soft hand grips. And whether you purchase some, or you and your child work together to make your own, streamers will add flare to any ride.

Ring It In

Now that they are seen, let them be heard! From an old-timey honking horn to the ding of the classic bike bell to the loud blare of an electric horn, your child will enjoy putting their individual spin on their arrival.

Pack It Up

If your family enjoys long scenic bike rides on weekends, a basket or attached bag can provide a place for any extra items and allow for two hands on the bars at all time. Your child is then able to store their favourite Teddy, an extra sweater, a water bottle or little souvenirs from their adventure.

Lock It Up

Now that your young rider is all decked out for adventure, be sure to protect your investment with a colourful and individual bike lock. There are a number of styles and user-difficulty levels to choose from, including locks that you can choose a word code for instead of numerals. You can be sure your child will be proud of the added responsibility of looking after the lock-up.

Maintain It

Keep your new, well-oiled machine rolling with some simple maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating vital moving parts – especially the all-important chain. A tire patch kit and air pump will get you through most any minor repair situation.

Help your child to become a confident cyclist and enjoy a new sense of adventure with support from Canadian Tire.

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