03/29/2019 20:14 EDT | Updated 03/29/2019 20:14 EDT

Toronto Mom Gives Driver A Piece Of Her Mind After Car Almost Hits Stroller

"There's a child in there, there's a stop sign!”

A surveillance video posted online shows a Toronto woman shouting at a driver after a car nearly hits the stroller she's pushing as she crosses at an intersection Wednesday morning.

"F**k you," the woman shouts as she gets in front of the car and demands the driver get out of the vehicle.

"There's a child in there, there's a stop sign!" she adds, gesturing to the stroller. She then jumps on the car's hood as the driver attempts to go around her.

The car drives off with the woman still on top, and another car drives past the stroller in the middle of the road. The woman then walks back over and pushes the stroller to the other side of the street.

Situation isn't uncommon

Ryan Bessey, who posted the video, said incidents like this aren't unusual in his neighbourhood, which is in the city's midtown. An abundance of construction for a new rapid transit line has diverted many cars to residential steets, according to Bessey, who has lived there for seven years.

"There is a lot of traffic in the area and people are generally in a hurry... Mount Pleasant and Bayview with Eglinton are two nearest intersections and have lane reductions and strict turning restrictions," Bessey told HuffPost Canada via email. "This results in a backup of vehicles, so many people opt to take shortcuts through the side streets."

Toronto Police told CBC News that they are not investigating the incident in the video because no one has come forward to complain and they do not have any licence plate information about any of the cars in the video.

So far this year, nine pedestrians have been killed on Toronto roads. Forty-one were killed in 2018.