04/09/2019 10:39 EDT | Updated 04/09/2019 10:40 EDT

This Chicken Shawarma Recipe Is The Easiest Way To Get Your Garlic Fix

It's perfect on rice or in a pita.

Is there anything better than a garlicky, juicy, perfectly spiced chicken shawarma?

Not really, TBH, which is why we are delighted to learn there's an easy way to make the Middle Eastern dish at home!

Shawarma is typically slow-cooked on a giant rotisserie and shaved off in thin slices, as Delish points out — making it a go-to take-out option, but not always the most feasible to recreate in your own kitchen.

But this recipe from Delish uses chicken thighs, your oven, all those mouth-watering spices you love, and promises to be just as tasty and juicy. Serve it on rice, or in pitas with some chopped tomatoes and lettuce, and that's dinner.

Get the full recipe for easy chicken shawarma here.

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