04/09/2019 14:13 EDT | Updated 04/09/2019 14:49 EDT

Ontario's New Licence Plates Will Say 'A Place To Grow': Reports

The change is expected to be announced in the Ontario government's 2019 budget.

Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail via CANADIAN PRESS
An Ontario licence plate is seen on a car owned by Andrew Younghusband, host of Canada's Worst Driver, in this stock photo.

Ontario's licence plate slogan "Yours to Discover" will be replaced with "A Place to Grow," according to media reports.

The change will be announced in the Progressive Conservative government's first budget on Thursday, sources told CBC News and The Toronto Star.

Rumours swirled in recent weeks that plates would be adorned with a favourite phrase of Premier Doug Ford's, "Open for Business." CBC's sources said that slogan may be on plates for commercial vehicles.

Ford's government put "Open for Business" on signs along Ontario's border with the United States.

"A Place to Grow" comes from the province's unofficial anthem, "A Place to Stand," which was on the soundtrack for a documentary that played at Expo 67 for Ontario's 100th anniversary.

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