04/11/2019 17:10 EDT | Updated 04/15/2019 14:24 EDT

New Ontario Licence Plate, Trillium Logo Unveiled In 2019 Budget

The government is adopting a simpler trillium logo.

The Ontario government introduced a new design for licence plates in its 2019 budget.

TORONTO — Ontario's new "visual identity" is here.

Premier Doug Ford's government revealed a new logo for the province and a new design for licence plates in its first-ever budget, released Thursday.

"A Place to Grow" will be the new tagline for licence plates, which "speaks to Ontario's welcoming and inclusive culture," the budget says.

The document doesn't say what the slogan will be for commercial vehicles, but previous media reports have said it will be "Open for Business."

The new trillium logo is simpler than the previous one, which looked like "three men in a hot tub," according to Ford.

"The logo is accompanied by a clear and succinct articulation of a simple unifying principle: that the Ontario government is 'Working for You,'" the government says.

New redesigns forbidden

The PCs will direct all public sector agencies to use their new trillium logo and forbid any more spending on redesigns.

"Since 2011, the ministries and agencies of the Ontario government wasted more than $2 million on visual identity work that only served to fragment the Ontario government's brand and confuse the public about what it stands for," the budget says.

All other logos will be retired when ministries run out of their old branded materials.

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