04/18/2019 13:28 EDT | Updated 04/18/2019 16:55 EDT

Elizabeth May's Wedding Will Be A 'Low-Carbon Affair,' Green Party Says

Guests are encouraged to donate to charities instead of bringing gifts.

We are gathered here today to witness that the wedding of Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is going to be a "low-carbon affair."

The party says in a press release that guests attending the nuptials between May and John Kidder in Victoria, B.C. Monday are encouraged to travel using bikes or local transit. The wedding, by the way, is taking place on Earth Day, natch.

The Canadian Press
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrives for a committee hearing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Feb. 27, 2019.

And if that wasn't green enough for you, the party said May and Kidder will celebrate their honeymoon on a train from Vancouver to Ottawa.

"Island friends have collaborated to fashion floral wreaths and bouquets with locally sourced flowers, while Ms. May's wedding dress is designed and created by Salt Spring Islander, Sue Earle," the party said in the statement.

It also noted that the wedding party will leave for the reception in a "cavalcade of electric cars."

The party announced May's engagement to Kidder last November. The two met in 2013 during the B.C. election, when Kidder was running in the riding of Fraser-Nicola.

"We definitely had an immediate connection," but the timing wasn't quite right, May told HuffPost Canada late last year.

That connection grew over the years and bloomed into a full-blown engagement in October.

"In my 65th year, to actually find the person I think I was supposed to be with all along has just taken a really long time," May said. "I've had quite a few single friends tell me: well this gives me some hope!"

The Green Party is also marking May and Earth's big day with a "challenge" that encourages supporters to donate to the party, plant a flower garden, clean up their communities and promote it online with the "#TrashTag."

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