05/01/2019 17:49 EDT | Updated 05/01/2019 17:49 EDT

Kensington Palace Releases Photos For Princess Charlotte's 4th Birthday

The royals released a new photo of the little princess in advance of her big day.

Kensington Palace/Instagram
Kensington Palace released new photographs of Princess Charlotte ahead of her fourth birthday.

As we all wait impatiently for Baby Sussex to arrive, we have another birthday to celebrate. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's middle child and only daughter, little Princess Charlotte, turns four on May 2.

The palace released some new photos of Charlotte to celebrate the day, taken by her mother, and they're super cute.

We also learned a little more about Charlotte this week, via her mother Kate Middleton's visit to the Pears Family School in London on Wednesday. According to Hello!, Kate was chatting with a young girl named Narriyah, when she revealed that Charlotte, despite her royal pedigree, loves playing with slime.

The magazine quoted her saying the following incredible sentences: "Charlotte, my daughter, she dropped hers on the floor and it was pink and ended and brown and covered in so much mud. It ends up all gooey, doesn't it?"

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The girl's grandmother was quite amused, apparently. "The Duchess was lovely with her," she told reporters. "It was quite funny that they were talking about slime, of all things."

Charlotte's fourth birthday comes just a week after her little brother, Prince Louis, turned one, and her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, turned 93. Now if only her cousin, Baby Sussex, could hurry up.

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