Prince Harry Is The Sweetest Dad In His 1st Royal Baby Birth Interview

Like all of us, Prince Harry is pretty amazed at what new moms can do.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, speaks to the media at Windsor Castle following the birth of his son on Monday.
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, speaks to the media at Windsor Castle following the birth of his son on Monday.

Only a few hours after the royal baby's birth, his father was already showing signs of being an extremely, ridiculously doting dad.

A beaming Prince Harry spoke to reporters outside Windsor Castle on Monday, singing the praises of his wife, Meghan Markle, and mothers everywhere.

Watching the baby be born was "the most amazing experience I could have ever possibly imagined," he said. "How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension."

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Later, after a reporter pointed out that he couldn't stop smiling, he added that he's "so incredibly proud" of his wife.

"As every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing, but this little thing is absolutely to die for," he said. "I'm just over the moon."

An overjoyed dad praising his wife's strength and affectionately calling his newborn "this little thing" is almost too cute to handle on a Monday morning.

If you're waiting for more details, like the baby's name and photo, you'll have to keep waiting. Harry said the couple is "still thinking about names," and said he'd likely see royal correspondents again in two days' time. So if you have "Edward" or "Arthur" in your birth pool, set your calendars for Wednesday to see if glory is yours.

In an extra charming/dorky dad move, Prince Harry finished the interview by thanking the reporters and then turning to the horses in the stable and adding "thank you" to them, too.

As you can probably tell from his big dad energy, Harry has wanted to have a family for a long time. In 2012, not long after his older brother Prince William married Kate Middleton, Harry told ABC News that he's "longed for kids since he was very, very young."

"I'm waiting to find the right person, someone who's willing to take on the job," he said.

And he reiterated that a few years later in a Good Morning America interview. Speaking about parenthood, he told Robin Roberts that "I can't wait for the day... I've got a kid inside of me. I want to keep that. I adore kids. I enjoy everything that they bring to the party. They just say what they think."

Long before we knew he was going to be a father, Prince Harry had a stellar track record of being adorable with children, and everything that they bring to the party. While we wait to see what his baby will look like, here are some of the times Harry has been most adorable with kiddos in the past.

All The Times Prince Harry Was Adorable With Kids

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