05/10/2019 21:14 EDT | Updated 05/10/2019 21:14 EDT

Kelliher, Sask. Mayor Darcy King Says Nazi Flag Will Be Taken Off House

He said the flag will be removed from the roof as soon as the rain stops.

Jessica LaPlante/Facebook
A Nazi flag on the roof of a house in a Saskatchewan village.

The mayor of a small village in Saskatchewan says a Nazi flag on the roof of a house there is coming down.

Darcy King of Kelliher, northeast of Regina, says the flag went up Thursday night and has already led to complaints with the village.

He says photos of the flag have also been posted on social media and people across the country are commenting on it.

RCMP Cpl. Rob King says the local police detachment has also received complaints about the flag.

He says displaying the flag is not illegal, but officers have talked to the man about it.

The mayor says he has also spoken to the man's parents and the man will be taking the flag down.

"It's this no-brainer kid — 34-years old and never grew up," Darcy King said Friday.

"I contacted his parents ... and they didn't know it was happening. He's living in his grandpa's house and, as soon as it quits raining, he's going to take it down."

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