11/17/2015 01:37 EST | Updated 11/17/2016 05:12 EST

A Snapshot Of How Canadians Pack Their Suitcases

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Couple trying to close full suitcase

Are you a folder or a roller, a planner or procrastinator? Do you make lists or toss items into a bag at the last minute and hope for the best? surveyed more than 1,000 Canadians on their packing preferences and the results may surprise you.

If you think you're a good packer, you're in good company. Seventy-five per cent of Canadians surveyed believe they're good at packing. But what does that mean? List making, laying out clothes and weighing luggage before you head to the airport, or waiting until the last minute, skimping on skivvies and hoping your bag doesn't bust the scale?

Are you a (Holy) Roller, a classic Over-Packer or a Carry-On Connoisseur? Regardless of your packing personality, one thing is for certain -- you're not alone. Read on to find out how your packing habits stack up.

Know when to fold'em


Image: Melisse Hinkle

Turns out 67 per cent of respondents choose to fold their clothes rather than use the rolling method, which many believe saves space. Interestingly, more men (71 per cent) are folders than women (62 per cent), meaning only 29 per cent of men and 38 per cent of women surveyed roll, roll, roll their clothes.

To plan or not to plan?



68 per cent of Canadians plan or lay out their clothing when prepping for a trip. It may not come as much of a surprise, but 80 per cent of women cop to coordinating outfits in advance, while 56 per cent of men admit to doing the same.

Start your trip on the right foot


Image: Joe Shlabotnik, Pile of shoes via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Over-packing is often a problem when deciding what to bring on a vacay. Sixty per cent of those surveyed admit they don't typically wear everything they pack. As a general rule, if you don't wear it while you're home, you probably won't wear it on vacation. This often goes for shoes, too. Unless you're an avid runner or know you'll use 'em, consider leaving the workout sneakers at home. Same goes for uncomfortable heels. While 73 per cent of Canadians pack two or three pairs of shoes for a trip, 25 per cent of men only pack one pair. Seems ambitious, but we respect the effort!

Can you spare a pair?



When it comes to underwear, 42 per cent of Canadians are on the same page, packing a pair a day plus a spare. While 12 per cent are a tad overly cautious, packing double as many pairs as days on the trip, a little more than 10 per cent wing it and throw caution (and hygiene) to the wind, bringing as many pairs as they happen to throw in their suitcase.

Packing pros


Image: Melisse Hinkle

The 75 per cent of Canadians who believe they are good at packing just might be onto something. Sixty-six per cent of those surveyed claim they never push luggage size or weight limits. And for good reason -- 57 per cent of respondents report weighing their luggage before heading to the airport!


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