10/23/2012 12:18 EDT | Updated 12/23/2012 05:12 EST

A Very Manly 2012 Fall Fashion Style Guide

The effortless look is so in right now, but what can a hard-working fashion guru tell you about an effortless look? When it comes to the effortless look, I'm a style icon. My credentials are superb, as I haven't gone shopping for clothes in three years and I hate fashion. So guys, if you want to look hot this fall, just read on.


The cornerstone of any fashionable wardrobe is good plaid. Red with bits of green is timeless, always a hit. I have another with just shades of green too, and I've worn blues and browns in the past. I advise waiting until the Halloween rush is over when Value Village is civilized again. Spend between $2-10 on a plaid, and if you see one sold for more give the store or garage sale proprietor a piece of your mind. When it comes to t-shirts, any time you visit a city or go to a concert, be sure to buy a cool shirt with Jerry Garcia's face on it.

Fall is cold and you'll need a sweater. I recommend having at least two so you don't need to wear the same one every day. A smart look is to put your sweater over a plaid shirt with a collar. It gives a plain, monochrome sweater a hot accent. I have a blue, brown, and green sweater. Very hip. Believe me fellas, this fall dark, earthy colours are totally in. One sweater of mine has a round neck while another has a V neck. If you do this, girls will just swoon over the variety.

When it comes to pants, jeans are hot right now. Everybody's wearing them. You should have a few blue ones you like. I used to wear them baggy but I advise against that now. Everyone has a different standard of what "tight" means when it comes to jeans. Rule of thumb: tight enough to go biking without getting caught in the chain, loose enough to play spontaneous hockey. That's some sartorial smarts right there. Khakis are like jean's older, sterner brother. Very smart. "We gotta get jobs, then we get the khakis, then we get the chicks."

You'll need shoes. I like brown dock shoes because they're versatile and in the summer they can be worn sans socks, an added advantage when you don't have a laundry machine at your place. I call my shoes the "B.C.s," or the "business casuals," because they're simultaneously smart and informal. Nikes are cool too.

Jackets: leather is cool and timeless. Get a soft one. Mine's black with beige accents on the cuffs and collar so I call it the "black and tan fantasy," in homage to the great Duke Ellington. Sometimes I name my clothes, but you don't have to. Get a scarf too. It's cold, and it's another opportunity to accent your earth tones with a geometric pattern or stripes.

I wear a light brown scarf with my brown There are thick scarves that keep you warm and there are those threadbare schmattes worn by terrorists. Fashion faux-pas. If you're going to look like Al-Qaeda, do it in the summer.

Chic. In vogue. Fashionista. You can be these things too, just follow my guide and dress like me.