04/21/2016 11:50 EDT | Updated 04/22/2017 05:12 EDT

We Busted These Fad Diets By Drinking Them For You

Abbey and Abby

We made it through the first few months of the new year, which means your will power is surely fading. No worries, guys. You don't need a balanced diet and a regular fitness routine to look hot. Just take this shake that you read about on Facebook for a few weeks and bam, you'll look just like those girls on Instagram! Woo, #fitspo!

Let's be honest here, folks. Weight loss isn't as easy as those before and after photos may make it seem. There is no one food (or drink, more like) that's going to sculpt your abs and give you buns of steel. Likewise, there isn't any one food that's going to miraculously boost your energy, get rid of "brain fog" and "cut inflammation." Yep, lot's of quotation marks around here, guys, and you know what that means.

In this second installation of Abbey x Abby's diet detective work, the two opinionated dietitians build on their last hilarious video and do the dirty work. That's right, they actually try these popular diets out.

First is the ubiquitous green juice! The one Abbey and Abby tested was called "Liquid Plumber." The name unfortunately speaks for itself, but if you're still curious for some mind-boggling reason, then watch these two ladies choke it back up.

Just eat your damn vegetables. Chew them! Swallow them! For god's sake, put some cheese on top and enjoy them!

This $9 bottle of putrid pureed vegetables is the ultimate foodie punishment, and apparently packs six pounds of vegetables into one drink. Unfortunately, as our duo of dietitians point out, drinking vegetables will never offer the same benefits as actually eating them, because the fibre has been mutilated in the juicing process. Abbey and Abby's take? Just eat your damn vegetables. Chew them! Swallow them! For god's sake, put some cheese on top and enjoy them!

Next is everyone's favourite online multi-level marketing product -- Shakeology. Let's just say it won't become the ladies' regular "meal" of choice, largely because 160 calories is not a meal, it's barely a snack!

It's also more than $4 per serving, which makes for a pretty damn expensive little snack. For the same caloric content, you could have a beautiful green salad with avocado and chicken and not cry yourself to sleep at night in anticipation of the next day's breakfast. Plus, Shakeology tasted so bad, it brought tears to the dietitians' eyes.

And finally, Abbey and Abby test out Freelee the Banana Girl's Raw Til 4 diet and whip up one of her infamous 1,000-calorie breakfasts (a.k.a. banana water). If you're not familiar with this unfortunate YouTube celebrity-endorsed diet, Raw Til 4 involves eating only raw vegan ingredients all day long, and then having a cooked meal for dinner.

In Freelee's world, it also pretty much means eating just fruit (read: seven bananas in your breakfast shake). The thought alone makes us want a cheeseburger. Now, we're all for getting your carbs in, but any breakfast with more than 15 teaspoons of sugar that's not Lucky Charms is just not OK. Seriously, it's no wonder people online are pissed that they're blowing up like balloons on her so-called "weight loss" regime.

Bottom line, guys -- these liquid fad diets are not sustainable in the long run. And if you watch the ladies' responses, it's unlikely you'll be motivated to try them at all. The good news is you don't need a nasty shake to get healthy.

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