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Why I Love Canada: The Charter of Rights and Freedom

Canada Day's message to the world: Yes we can!

Our country's birthday celebration is a special occasion to look back at the distance one has travelled in life; to reflect the ups and downs one has gone through and to examine the life lessons one has learnt.

It is also a chance to look ahead with hope and optimism to what is to come.

It is a day of hope for a better and a brighter future; a day of gratitude and appreciation to the great things one has accomplished and an opportunity to be thankful for the many blessings one has been bestowed upon including and most important of all: health.

It is also a day of appreciation and gratitude towards those precious people one is blessed to have.

It is also an occasion to recharge one's battery and make a commitment to improve one's life and to bring a positive change to both the society one lives in and to humanity at large.

Canada Day is a day that belongs to all of us. A day for all Canadians to stand up together as a family, to be thankful of the many blessings we have, to celebrate our diversity and to make a commitment to hold on dearly to our principles of justice and equality which are the ingredients and cornerstones that have built our nation.

To live in a country that is rich in culture and to have people of immense diversity and cultural background live in harmony and peace is certainly something to be celebrated.

Aside from the celebration, it is imperative to work collectively in order to maintain the cohesiveness of our nation so that we don't lose focus down the road and abandon the values and principles that have made us of who we are.

I have crossed oceans and travelled miles to come to Canada, not because of its weather, to watch Hockey or to enjoy what Tim Horton's has to offer on its menu.

Many people choose Canada to enjoy a life of liberty and freedom -- freedom of conscience and religion; freedom of thought and belief, freedom of opinion and expression; freedom of peaceful assembly; and freedom of association as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

As a Canadian who has lived in a country that such rights don't exist, I can appreciate more of what it means to live in a country like Canada.

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