12/17/2012 05:42 EST | Updated 02/15/2013 05:12 EST

The Right to Bear Arms Is Wrong

Words cannot describe the agony and pain felt by the families who have lost loved once in the mass shooting that had taken place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut on Friday.

What is more agonizing and depressing at the same time is to see how politicians react as the tragedy isn't the first of its kind. It is a cycle of madness that is terrorizing the lives of people including the little angels who have done harm to no one.

Politicians issue strong words of condemnation, shed crocodile tears and then hibernate until another tragedy struck.

They avoid the issue altogether which are the laws pertaining to the so-called the right to bear arms.

The right to bear arms is the root cause of the problem which thinkers, legal experts and politicians must address. Even though it is part of the constitution, it cannot be changed, questioned, discussed or amended.

Politicians -- regardless to the party they belong to -- should put their acts together especially when innocent children are lost. They should not put their ego and political agenda ahead of everything else. If they don't act now, when will they ever?

Now is the time when decisive action is required. Forget about political correctness as lives are at stake here.

Repeal the gun laws and remove them from the streets and homes. The spread of weapons is part of the problem. We have a government in place. There is no need for every Joe and Jane to carry a machine gun or to store it in their closets. We are not in a jungle where the survival is for the fittest.

The United States can learn from many countries including Canada, Germany, UK and other nations which have restriction to baring weapons. We could see the world of difference when it comes to peace and safety of these countries if compared to the US.

Weapons are there to kill. They should not be readily accessible like hamburgers and French fries. They are not toys as pro-gun lobbies makes it to appear so.

The "right to bear arms" is one of the erroneous mistakes found in the law books. It is what has led to the worsening of the situation on the American soil. It is sucking up the notion of peace altogether. It is not a blessing that came from the forefathers but a curse that is haunting everyone one including children.

I come from the country of Somalia where the spread of weapons have led to instability and chaos throughout the country. Some people might argue that in the US one cannot get the weapon without a license. This is nonsense.

Even if one takes an oath to the Bible when obtaining the weapon, it does not mean the weapon will lose its purpose of killing the innocents. It can easily get in the wrong hands. The alleged mass murderer of this tragedy has got access to the weapons that belonged to his mother which were obtained through legal means. Not only was such weapons used to create terror in the land, they were used to kill the same person who obtained them on the first place through proper channels.

The situation will never improve until the politicians tackle this phenomenon once and for all for the safety of everyone including the young children.

It is the only way to move forward and restore sanity in the senseless world we live in where some people abuse the notion of freedom altogether and include the right to bear arms in the package.