06/20/2012 12:38 EDT | Updated 08/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Is Justin Trudeau Too Big a Baby to be Leader?

While there has been a lot of recent excitement over the prospect of Justin Trudeau as potential Liberal party leader, it would not be advisable for him -- at least for now -- to make a move for the seat vacated by Bob Rae. It might be tempting, but it's not a good idea.

It is not because he cannot properly handle the duties, nor is it because he cannot guide his party out of the darkness.

It's because he is still a baby in the political arena who has a long road ahead of him. Before a baby can walk, he must first learn how to crawl.

Trudeau will not receive votes for what he has accomplished. He will receive attention because of who his father was.

This is not healthy for him, nor for the people he will be vowing to serve and protect.


A man should stand up on his feet for his own accomplishments in life, for what he has done for the society he lives in and for humanity at large.

A man should not seek leadership because of the language he speaks, his lineage, or how noble his father or mother were.

This unhealthy phenomenon only works in third world countries where people use different techniques to gain power through backdoor dealings.

I do not wish to see this trend in Canada. This is not to disrespect Trudeau or his late father, but a piece of sincere advice which I hope he will take to heart.

Trudeau is certainly an aspiring young politician who has the potential to climb the ladder and lead a successful political life in the years to come.

He needs to build his own legacy right from the start and not use the legacy of his father as something to lean on.

While he should be proud of where he comes from, and should be honoured to be the son of a man who was respected by all Canadians, he should build his own legacy and prove what he can do.

The media is building hype about him and whether he will enter the race for the Liberals' leadership.

The media always try to sensationalize things in order to win viewership. I hope Trudeau would be wise and mature enough to do the right thing and just leave the race alone.

He should only stand up when he has built his own platform to stand upon with pride and humility. He should ask for Canada's trust using his own credentials, not those of someone else.


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