07/04/2016 07:57 EDT | Updated 07/04/2016 07:59 EDT

Who Would Kill A Man Of Peace?

The Somali community was deeply saddened by the tragic news from Somalia from the last Saturday's Alshabbab attack at a hotel in Mogadishu which resulted to the death and destruction of a large number of people including the Minister of the State for the Environment Mr. Burci Mohammed Hamza.

A highly educated man who immigrated to Canada didn't abandon his country of origin to sit at the comfort of his home in Toronto.

He didn't say to himself that there is nothing he could do to rebuild the war-torn country which has been inflicted with civil wars since the collapse of the former regime of Siad Barre in 1991.

He knew well the risks involved in taking that decision. But nevertheless he felt it was worth the sacrifice to take part of the rebuilding of a country he loved so dearly. Giving up on Somalia was not the choice he was willing to take.

He left a legacy for all Somalis and immigrants living in the diaspora.

If they don't commit themselves to rebuild their countries then who else will.

They should never forsake their countries of birth and should always keep it in their conscious and take a role to bringing it to life. Otherwise it will fall at the hands of thugs and thieves.

He didn't allow to be intimidated by anyone and had shown courage, dedication and sacrifice in trying to make a change there.

Those who have claimed responsibility for the attacks have done so without showing any regard to the sacred month of Ramadhan. They disregarded the sanctity of the human life and the principles of the religion they claim to follow.

How could they hope to win hearts and minds of people by spilling the blood of their own brethren and create terror in the land?

Have they forgotten that hearts aren't won with the barrel of the gun or blowing people up.

Burci was indeed a man of principle. He didn't feel right to keep for himself the incredible amount of experience he has been bestowed with and the skills and knowledge he obtained.

He took it upon himself to share it with humanity especially the country which had raised him from childhood and made him what he became to be.

He was a man of great wisdom and honor. When members of our community came together about two decades ago to establish an association. He advised us not to be hasty in rushing into things. He said we have all come from different backgrounds and experiences. How can we open a community centre when we don't even know one another?

We should first and foremost meet and greet one another and socialize until we establish a sense of trust of each other.

Even though we all come from the same region but we have all pursued different paths of life.

For instance he himself has spent much of his life studying teaching and working abroad.

Sadly. The emotionally charged youth with machoism found his old fashioned advice boring and out of time and touch and went ahead with its plan to open an office and choose president and executives.

Within days everything had fallen apart and the hastiness which he advised against had resulted to mistrust and a lack of cohesive plan to establish a community for years to come.

While I didn't know him personally as he was from the elder generation but he had a way to establish a link with people of all work of life - young and old.

He had a genuine sense of smile which penetrate the heart and turn an enemy into a dear friend.

As his long term friend wrote, Bur'i never lost his charisma and his sunny outlook to life. I never saw him sad or gloomy. He was the friend of all and enemy of none. He lost his life while trying to serve his country under truly difficult circumstances.

Killing such a man who had a lot of expertise to contribute is a crime itself. He was a treasure for the entire nation.

Do these ruthless killers really believe they are serving the interests of their own people?

What logic are they following in doing what they are doing.

Would the prophet of Islam feel happy to see them spilling the blood of the innocent in his name?

What these groups are doing is mind boggling, painful and shameful. It goes against the dignity of humanity. No religion would condone such acts.

It is beyond human mind to undertake such missions which doesn't help anyone but only the enemies of the country and humanity.

They have brought shame to the country. Disgrace to humanity as a whole. Every Somali, every Muslim and every humanity would feel ashamed of these killers who are abusing the religion.

They are not serving Somalia or the interest of Muslim countries and cause but are helping to destroy the countries they claim to defend and are harming the cause of Muslims whom they allege to advocate for.

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