08/29/2012 05:17 EDT | Updated 10/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Nude and Rude Prince Harry Proves Canada is Too Mature for the Monarchy / Splash News

It was disgusting, disgraceful and despicable to say the least to see the photoes of the naked prince which went viral online and around the world. One expects some decency and nobility from the family who is looked up to by others as a model, not only in the United Kingdom but around the world, and held in high regard.

These pictures will put a stain on the family for failing to instill proper manners in the young lad who is expected -- at one point -- to inherit the throne down the road. Such images will not be forgotten for many years to come.

Prince Harry has not only failed his family, but his irresponsible action has made many people lose respect for the Royal family altogether. It has put doubts in some about the monarchy's leadership role. I think he knew what he was doing. He is mature and responsible enough to know what was taking place around him that evening, including the pictures that were taken.

Also, his close associates, including guards, should have been alerted to these pictures (unless they were the ones taking the pictures themselves to show the world the real prince whom we all vow to sacrifice our lives for).

I think Canada should send a strong message to the Queen to show how disappointed and disgusted we were of this kind of inappropriate behaviour. The behaviour of this young man should encourage our intellectuals to open the debate over the role of the monarchy in our country and whether we should regard it as something of the past, as the Australians and people of New Zealand did.

As Michael Bliss wrote in the National Post, the monarchy is a fine symbol of Canada's history, of our progress from colony toward nationhood, from Empire to Commonwealth. But we have evolved, and as with everything in life and history there comes a time when we put away the tools and devices of the past and embrace new, more fitting paths to our future.

The author and historian argued that it is time to consider the monarchy as something of yesterday. "We should retire the royals. Let's free this family from the gilded shackles of celebrity and leave them alone," he said. "Instead we should institute in our constitution a process of selecting a Canadian head of state, a governor-general or a president of the republic of Canada, in whom our people have confidence and respect."

The behaviour of this irresponsible member of the Royal family is probably one of the reasons why some people have taken a strong stand in refusing to bow down to this royal family -- a move which had caused them to forfeit their chance to become Canadian citizens.

Their once unpopular stand now makes sense of why they have strongly refused to compromise their position to prostrate to the family which has failed to raise their future king to behave with some civility and proper manner.

The famous civil rights lawyer, Charles Roach, is one such person who is still struggling to his dying days to win the court battle, as indicated in the Toronto Star, to get his citizenship without pledging allegiance to the Queen.

The pictures that have surfaced should trigger Canadians to discuss the relevance of the monarch as their head of state.

As Jeffrey Simpson of the Globe and Mail pointed out, over the years, public opinion surveys have shown similar results. "The monarchy is considered irrelevant or of little interest to the largest number of Canadians. Those who care passionately about it, one way or the other, are in a minority."

In doing so, Canadians will be sending a strong message to the monarchy establishment that they are not only disappointed to see the prince behaving in that foolish and childish manner, they are taking one step further in considering running their lives without the interference of anyone else.

If that is how members of the royal family behave, then Canadians would be far better to operate the vehicle themselves without anyone else telling them what to do.