11/26/2012 04:29 EST | Updated 01/26/2013 05:12 EST

Rob Ford Didn't Deserve to Be Fired


I felt sad to hear the court's decision to oust Mayor Rob Ford from office. In spite of what is said about him in the media (as if he was a wild beast who eats humans) he is indeed a caring politician who listens to people and tries to do something about their problems.

How many times has a politician replied to you personally -- aside from during an election when they pretend to be Santa Claus -- let alone show initiative to solve your issue?

I will never forget my experience with Mr. Ford. Even though I was not part of his constituency, he nevertheless responded to me and was willing to meet me personally and bring officials with him to study an issue I cared about. It was about an intersection in the Etobicoke neighbourhood where I suggested a traffic light be installed to ease the congestion.

Though I was out of the country, he did not ignore it and took the initiative to study the proposal, consult city engineers and write back to me about the outcome.

While I respect the court's ruling, I think there were other major breaches that warranted similar severe consequences, such as Ontario's $1-billion eHealth consulting scandal; the cancellation of two gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to taxpayers; the Ontario Lottery and Gaming scandal; the Samsung deal scandal; the Eco Tax scandal and so on.

Mr. Ford should not be treated differently than anyone else. I am not implying that he should be above the law. We should be fair when applying the severity of our legal system. Other politicians who have been involved in much more serious offences should have been treated as such, including expelling them from office and holding them accountable for the mishaps they have caused.

With respect, I consider the sentence against Rob Ford to be a little too harsh.

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