02/04/2016 03:35 EST | Updated 02/04/2017 05:12 EST

Taking Continuous Improvement To The Next Level To Make Your Business Better

Our hearts are the key

The secret's out! Not only is your heart a vital organ and the international symbol for love, but did you know that it's also what will help you have a successful business? Heart-based coaching is the newest method of continuous improvement to be introduced in the work place; it goes beyond the traditional goal-directed strategies and forces us to address the patterns that keep us stuck in behaviours which negatively impact our focus on work.

However, continuous improvement is not limited to tasks and how we get things done at work, it's transferrable to individual behaviour and beliefs. Every individual in an organization benefits from coaching that focuses on continuous improvement philosophies.

What is Heart-Based Coaching?

It goes beyond the traditional goal-directed surface level behaviour strategies and addresses patterns that stop us from reaching our greatest potential. It connects us to our true beliefs that open us to vulnerability and fear (in a good way!). By addressing these issues we address the root cause of our behavioural patterns that keep us from growing.

Combining improvement in the organization and the individual is a powerful combination.

4 benefits of integrating Heart-Based Coaching in your organization to encourage continuous improvement:

  • Move from a ME to WE culture. A lot of our "issues" in organizations are based on individuals driven by ego. When we're 'me' focused we can misinterpret things, become easily offended and react in a defensive manner, which leads to more issues. It's a vicious cycle that's hard to break. When we're connected to our heart and live from a place that honours our deepest needs but done in a way that is respectful to others, we respond in a different manner to the same issues because we can see the bigger picture. We make better choices, are more conscious of our behaviour and as a result react differently. This personal improvement leads to better and stronger teams that are built on trust and a knowing that everyone is performing their tasks for the greater good of the organization purpose and not just someone's own personal agenda.
  • Behaviours are heart driven, not fear based. Fear is powerful. It can lead to decisions that truly don't resonate with our true inner being. This can cause us to feel bad. It also makes us mistrust our teams and leadership. Using Heart-Based Coaching to improve behaviours takes a deeper look at our fears, our mistrust and barriers we put up around ourselves. By breaking these down and replacing them with behaviours that come from our heart, our truth, and respect for others we are changing how we react and start to look at our interaction through the lens of compassion and greater good for all.
  • Greater connectivity to the purpose of the organization. When we shift from a Me to We perspective we start to understand how we impact our organization's purpose. We all have an important role to perform. There becomes a greater connection to why we do what we do and start to ask 'how can we be of assistance to help achieve and maintain the organization's vision?' This collective connectivity creates a positive vibe that can be felt by everyone.
  • Greater team collaboration and exploration of ideas. Trust and feeling safe to collaborate and brainstorm is the key to coming up with new and innovative ideas. If there's resistance to this then either fear, ego or lack of connectivity to purpose is at work. When individuals look to improve themselves by using Heart-Based Coaching, it's easier to collaborate and explore new ideas. We're not worried with how it will impact us, we understand our value. We are willing to suggest things that challenge the status quo.

Continuous improvement is not just for how we work but how we behave at work. Our behaviour and beliefs have a great impact on our experiences. By improving ourselves at work, we improve our working conditions which lead us to great opportunities.

Heart-Based Coaching is the tool for those who are courageous enough to step out of the box, and relearn new behaviours to become continuously better individuals.