10/07/2016 07:48 EDT | Updated 11/23/2016 06:57 EST

Hair Care Hacks For Canadians

As much as we hate to admit, the colder weather is just around the corner and with it comes dry hair, static electricity and split ends galore, making a bad hair day last an entire season.

What's a gal to do over the coldest season of the year? Follow these hair care hacks for Canadians to get through the dry season.

#Canadianproblems. While it's true that taking a break from blow dryers and styling tools will do wonders for your hair, leaving your house with a wet mane in subzero temperatures can cause havoc on your health. What can you do instead? Shower the night before to give yourself ample time for air drying. If showering in the morning is a must, make sure to hold the blow dryer at least eight inches from your hair at a low temperature and use a heat protector or leave-in conditioner to help improve the health of your locks.

A fine balance. While most of us think about moisturizing being key in the colder months, when it comes to our hair, over-moisturizing with protein based treatments, for example, can lead to further breakage. Sticking to a deep treatment once a week, depending on the hair type, can help maintain the balance and bounce you're looking for.

Dirty hair don't care. Washing your hair less (once or twice a week) is recommended to let the natural oils take effect and help maintain the health of your hair. If going a few days without washing your hair is a stretch, pick up a paraben free dry shampoo to keep your hair fresher

between washes. Did you know that you can train your mane to become less oily? Try washing your hair less for a few weeks and you'll notice that your scalp will start to produce less oil, and you can leave the days of washing your hair daily behind you.

Oils, potions and serums, oh my! There are so many products to choose from that it's often hard to know what works. Everyone has their unique hair challenges, whether it's frizz, lack of volume or a dry scalp that's got you down. Identifying your hair problem is often the first step towards recovery. The next step is choosing the right product for your hair and a good rule a thumb is to be realistic and use a product that coincides with the work you're willing to put in! Chances are, you aren't about to completely change how you style your hair!

Say goodbye to build-up. You know how sometimes no matter how many treatments you use, your hair seems to turn out limp and lifeless? A common reason for this is product build up! Yes, that's right, serums, mousses and hairsprays can leave an unpleasant coating in your hair. What's a girl with hair residue to do? Pick-up a clarifying shampoo at a professional salon and get back on track to for your #hairgoals. A clarifying or cleansing shampoo is much like exfoliating the dead skin cells from your skin, it will remove weeks of product build up and improve the look and feel of your mane. It's recommended to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to once every other week, depending on your hair type.

Here's to great hair days this season!

Alicia Lumsden is the Owner of Queen's Shop - Fine Hairdressing, a salon created with sustainability, beauty and community in mind. With seventeen plus years in the fashion and beauty industry, Alicia is an enthusiast for sustainable living and community initiatives. She incorporates these passions everyday to create trendy looks with the clients best interest in mind.

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