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Ramp Up Your Dating Life By Tracking Your Period

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What can stop us from being all powerful females, with strength, intelligence and sexual prowess? I know the five days of PMS and up to five days of bleeding between the thighs can slow me down. Sometimes unaware of my nearing period, I go from killing it in career and dating to a shattered shell of myself begging the darkness to swallow me whole. Thank goodness for Netflix and chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Women experience such a massive range of hormones in a one month period. It's involuntary though necessary for our baby-making system. Although with a little knowledge and guidance we can turn our monthly cycle into a scrupulous wheel of feminine power. I have done the research and we can intelligently manipulate our days and weeks to experience all aspects of life fully and efficiently.

Our menstrual cycle has titanic effects on our sex drive, decision making, self-confidence and mood stability. What if instead of fighting this cycle with ibuprofen and general loathing, we work with the cycle to improve our love lives, careers, friendships, and even time management.

Think of the funny story you can tell him in a few months about how you dated him according to your cycle.

I could talk about periods all day but today I'm going to focus the menstrual cycle and dating. Research has proven women are found more attractive during certain days of our cycle, for the obvious reason men instinctively want to plant their seed in fertile women and their senses perceive our uterus as open for business and thus they become aroused by us and aggressive towards us.

A study showed strippers made significantly more tips when they were most fertile -- just before ovulation, or a little over a week after their period ended and they made significantly less while menstruating. Another study showed strippers who take birth control pills made less money consistently and overall. Food for thought if your sex life or sexual power has declined since beginning birth control.

Yet another study found men can recognize if females are on their period through smell. The same study showed us that men and women recognize fertile women and women not on birth control, as being more attractive through only photographs.

With this research in mind, we, as menstruating women, can plan ahead for a couple of things. If you are looking for a mate, temporary or permanent, why not bring in more understanding and knowledge to give you a huge step up? Think of the funny story you can tell him in a few months about how you dated him according to your cycle. How can we use this information to strengthen our connection with ourselves, increase the chances of attracting the man (or men) we are most interested in for mating or even just practicing?

Cycling with Success

Red Moon Arrival - Day 1 of 28 is the first day of bleeding

"This isn't a good time; I'll call you back in a week."

Days 1-7 Reserve for vacation days, early nights in drinking raspberry leaf tea and watching rom coms. This is a great time to connect more with the important women in your life. One or more are likely on a similar cycle to yours and can empathize best with your heightened emotional state.

Date! Flirt! Make love!

Days 8-15 The best days to go out, dress up, flirt more, go on dates, take on a new lover or reconnect with a current one. During these days you will look, smell and feel more attractive. You will be in your highest feminine power, use it and enjoy it.

Get Sh!t Done

Days 16-20 The days of strong manifestation, getting sh!t done and focusing on your vocational path. You're not quite a sexual as a few days before although remain in a place of confidence and now focused calm.

Getting Down

Days 21-23 Similar to days 8-15 you are back to a heightened sexual state, feeling fine, and self-secure. Use this time to attract new friends, lovers, conquer fears by asking out someone you have been crushing on, ask for a raise, apply for a new job, start your own business etc.

Reconnecting with Self

Days 24-28 Premenstrual Syndrome days can be difficult; especially if you are unaware you are experiencing them. The anguish can come in many ways from physical, mental, emotional, exhaustion, irritability, impatience, and self-doubt. Imagine tracking these days and realigning your schedule to ensure you have time to give yourself space, love, baths, hot water bottles, romantic movies to cry your face off to privately.

I personally noticed a huge difference since tracking my period, in reference to my dating and sex life. As a single woman in Vancouver, I need all the help I can get.

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