04/16/2012 03:33 EDT | Updated 06/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Fit for a Prom Queen

There are three major events in every girl's high school journey; the first day of high school, graduation, and of course the much-anticipated prom. Those who have already experienced prom know how exciting the whole experience can be. They also know how fun the preparations can be; finding those gleaming accessories, ultra glamorous shoes and of course, that perfect-10 dress! There is no such thing as starting to research prom dress too early.

In the midst of all the excitement, it is so easy to forget a few important details that will make you look outstanding. Take, for example, what bra to wear with that backless dress. There are now so many clever bra options and accessories designed specifically for those tricky garments.

For the girl who embraces a dramatic backless dress, a free bra is a must. Two adhesive silicone cups are perfect for showcasing a deep back while still giving some support. These are also excellent for any other dress style for which a bra may not work. Other options include a convertible bra with a special extender, or a bustier with a low back. These allow for even more support and are ideal for dresses with a low back, though not backless ones.

The truly daring are those who take on the deep plunge. Always a show-stopper, the deep plunge is both beautiful and tricky. The solution is simple: a deep plunge bra. Providing more support than a free bra, this is just the trick to keep things in place and help us feel a bit more comfortable. After all, spilling is the last thing we want to worry about on our big day. On that note, it should be added that double-sided fashion tape could be a girl's best friend. Do not hesitate to use this to keep your dress in place!

For the fashionista who likes to change her look often, a convertible bra is not only the most practical, it can also be a great deal! Bra straps can be changed into a multitude of combinations: halter, one shoulder, strapless, combinations with clear straps, etc. With prom calling for extra glitz and glam, a pair of dazzling Swarovski crystal straps can be added for extra shine. Ladies, we are talking about the "wow" factor!

If the dress fabric is slinky and silky, a body shaper is an easy way to keep that silhouette smooth. There is nothing worse than a sleek white silk dress's silhouette interrupted by garish panty lines. Just the thought makes me cringe. A simple seamless panty paired with a body shaper can prevent fashion nightmares such as the one just described.

Planning for prom can be equally exciting as prom itself. Just don't forget one important detail: what goes under your dress. May your evening be magical and fashion-malfunction-free. You've got my vote for prom queen!

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