10/05/2011 03:36 EDT | Updated 12/05/2011 05:12 EST

Thigh-High Society

There is something very alluring about a woman lying on a chaise in her bedroom, ever so slowly rolling a silk stocking on her leg. This is a far cry from our hectic mornings; the image of hopping around the bedroom trying to put on a pair of pantyhose... Luckily with a little bit of know-how, every woman can enjoy wearing beautiful hosiery!

Hosiery is lingerie for the legs, a woman's secret weapon of sorts. It can be subtle or loud, and regardless of your shape or size, it almost always manages to elongate and shape your legs just right. Hosiery also has a way of transforming us; take, for example, back-seam thigh-highs. They turn us into glamorous icons that ooze confidence the second we put them on. They hint "taboo" and it's exciting!

Leggy Lessons 101:

What is Hosiery: Knit apparel that covers the feet and/or legs. It includes socks, tights, pantyhose, knee-highs, thigh-highs, stay-ups, and stockings.

Stockings: Thigh-to-toe fitted leg wear that is generally worn with a garter belt.

Pantyhose: Sheer waist-to-toe fitted leg wear.

Tights: Like pantyhose, but made from heavier opaque, printed or woven patterns and fabrics.

Hosiery is one of the easiest ways to give your legs the allure you desire. For longer-looking legs, opt for solid, dark-coloured hosiery or hosiery with vertical stripes. To give your legs more shape, opt for lighter colours, lace or patterns.

Trick: Take your hosiery one step further. For tummy control and smoothing, control-top pantyhose are a perfect choice. Add a pair of heels in the same colour as your hosiery to elongate your legs even more!

Stepping-up: Good quality hosiery will not only keep its elasticity longer, but it will also be stronger. For those craving the ultimate in luxury, silk hosiery trumps all in fit, shine, strength and smoothness. Did you know? Silk is a natural fibre that among its many benefits, boasts high breathability. It is no wonder it was also a personal favorite of Marilyn Monroe!

Trick: Pantyhose that are between 10-20 denier will give you the look of sheer pantyhose, but will be stronger and give your legs a smoother appearance.

Make it last, Take your time! We all know how easy it is to snag our pantyhose! Easily avoid snags by putting on lotion and removing your jewelry before putting on your hosiery. When you've got it on, put on some slippers or socks.

Trick: Hosiery with reinforced toes is extra durable. If you get a run in your pantyhose, cover the edges with a thin coat of clear nail polish. This will temporarily stop the run from spreading.

Be Bold: One of the magical things about hosiery is its ability to transform us! Explore back seams, thigh highs, fishnets, glittery tights and sheer pantyhose with delicate lace roses -- your options are endless. Your hosiery can not only transform your outfit, it can also transform you -- be bold and daring!