01/07/2015 09:42 EST | Updated 03/09/2015 05:59 EDT

15 Awesome and Terrible Things About Life as a Fit Girl

It's January and the gym is full! This is a random sampling of all the awesome and terrible things about being a fit girl.


  1. Improved odds of zombie apocalypse survival.
  2. Solo jar opening.
  3. Timely missing persons reporting by front desk staff.
  4. Guilt free 24/7 yoga pants and hoodies with thumb holes. Everything should have thumb holes.
  5. Endorphins. Just endorphins. Wheeee!
  6. Compassion for the T. Rex. It's hard when you can't use your arms and you're starving. People shouldn't judge.
  7. Insomnia vanquished. Vampire sleep schedule bursts into flames.
  8. Second breakfast: not just for Hobbits.
  9. Nothing fits anymore! Nudists seem less crazy.
  10. Showering free of child-related interruptions.
  11. It's like Cheers. Everybody knows your name. The regulars drink a lot (mostly water and protein shakes).
  12. Workouts end with laying on the floor.
  13. Bootcamp without enlisting. Choreographed dance moves without a rap album.
  14. Fit friends make great movers. They lift heavy things all the time and don't want beer and pizza after.
  15. Facebook status: in a relationship with peanut butter and it's not complicated.


  1. Pregnancy flashbacks of drinking lots and peeing all the time.
  2. Regular dishes become "company dishes." Tupperware becomes "regular dishes." There are more water bottles than wine glasses.
  3. Permanent headband dent.
  4. My life:

  5. Doomsday Prepper: bottled water, deodorant and brown rice. The end is nigh!
  6. Pedicure-dependent Hobbit feet.
  7. Daily leg shaving for bike shorts and yoga capris.
  8. Sweaty ear buds.
  9. When your iPod falls out of your bra-cket.
  10. Headphones block out the world but don't make you invisible.
  11. Cleaning the slug trail of things abandoned on the floor the day after leg day.
  12. Nothing fits anymore! So much sweaty laundry.
  13. Sports bra removal the day after training arms. Painful hair and tooth brushing, blow drying, and driving.
  14. Trying to lift Epsom salts when you're already sore.
  15. Friends become strangers without their gym clothes. Who is that guy?

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