06/28/2013 05:37 EDT | Updated 08/28/2013 05:12 EDT

USNA: The United States of North America Blog

By: Allan Stanleigh, Davy Longworth and Harry Kalensky

USNA is a graphic novel whose story purports a time in the future when our two countries, the United States and Canada have amalgamated into this new country.

With Canada Day fast approaching, many people have asked us whether we believe that this is a possible future or perhaps even an inevitable future for Canada vis a vis the political union between Canada and the United States?

Perhaps a more unified economic union is possible, if it has not already happened. But what could possibly happen, what event or set of circumstances could precipitate a formal amalgamation?

If one was to enter into the realm of the political conspiracy, there are some tantalizing scenarios that one could consider.


1. An Attack on Domestic Soil -- What if there was an attack on Canadian and American soil involving great loss of life and physical damage on a scale larger than 9/11? This disaster would necessitate the coordination of the Canadian and American armed forces and the need for common command and control over an extended period of time in order to stabilize the situation. In this scenario, the military/industrial/political establishment could create a compelling argument for the efficacy of an amalgamation to secure our borders, coordinate our economies, and mobilize a combined armed forces for the alleged safety of all.

2. A Financial Takeover -- In the future, the world's economies have not recovered. The United States is up to its earlobes in debt and they need to call in their loans or risk defaulting on their loans, especially to China. Such a default would create financial havoc with epic world-wide consequences. With Canada owing vast sums of money to the Americans, what if the Americans put the squeeze on Canada with the caveat that failure to pay would be a de facto foreclosure. The United States would own Canada. The resulting social chaos would necessitate the mobilization of the military to quell the masses. It would give them boots on the ground in Canada and the legal right to place troops and access our institutions, telecommunications and data farms, anywhere within the dominion.

3. Bribing the Citizenry -- In the graphic novel, USNA: The United States of North America, we project that when Canada and the United States were in negotiations to amalgamate, the United States offered to all Canadian citizens the tidy sum of $1 million dollars each in exchange for our sovereignty and our citizenship as Canadians. Would Canadians sell out? Would a cash offer from the Americans, even one not quite so generous, be too tantalizing to turn down?

We have written a story about the union of the United States and Canada into a new country: the United States of North America. As Canadians, this is not a future we would personally embrace. From our perspective we feel that the core values of our two countries are substantively different. What we would fight for or rebel against, would be a large factor in any amalgamation scenario. In truth, the odds are so completely stacked in favour of defeat that there must be something so Canadian that we would die to keep or die to restore.

However, we are not so naive to think that this is something that has no potential to occur sometime in the future.