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7 Affordable Destinations to Visit This October

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So it's getting cold and the air conditioners are off as you settle in for a cold winter, but it doesn't have to be the end of sunny adventures. There are tons of amazing destinations that you will fall in love with this October. With beautiful weather and for even better prices than you may have realized, here's to planning your next vacation!

1. Mexico

Though we might have selected Mexico for their affordability factor in the month of October, there are so many other reasons that this month actually happens to be one of the best months to visit. It's October, the kids have just started up school again and people's budgets have been cut low in order to save up for Christmas... airlines and hotels knows that! If you play your cards right and save your holidays for October, then you'll find many more wonderful deals than you might have during the holiday months. To top it all off, Mexico's weather starts to change from good to wonderful and it is one of the best months to be celebrating with the locals for Festival Internacional Cervantino and the Day of the Dead.


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2. Jamaica

If there is one thing that makes you think about Jamaica, let it be the soul food and incredible music. October is a wonderful month to save some dollars on your annual trip and embrace culture to the best of your ability. If you head to Montego Bay, make sure to visit the Soul in the Sun Music Festival, that is of course after you've hit the beach a couple times! Be sure to check out all the travel deals as they're likely to have dropped.


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Make no mistake, October might not have been the recommended month of choice, but the prices are unbeatable for that exact reason. Though the south of Argentina might not be wonderful weather, northern parts of Argentina including the Lake District are known to be beautiful and crisp during the month of October. If you are able, make your first stop into Buenos Aires (flights tend to be cheaper in larger cities) and check out one of the many international concerts taking place during the month of October before venturing onward.


4. Greece

When people think Greece it is common that the first thing to come to mind is the clear blue beaches and the incomparable, delicious home cooked Greek cuisine. This stunning photograph below is one of many during the month of October. Though some areas can get a little chilly for swimming, it's a stunning time to go out and enjoy all that Greece has to offer. The summers in Greece get rather hot so it's best to spend October exploring the country!


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5. Spain

Summer, fall, spring and winter, there is never a bad time to visit Spain. In the South of Europe, and large enough in size to be home to beaches and Canadian fall temperatures, Spain meets the needs of every traveller year round. If you're lucky enough, Spain hosts their famous event every two years in October called the Bienal de Flamenco where the most exquisite flamenco dancers head to Seville for a festival you'll never forget. Don't forget that October is probably the best month for budget travellers.


6. Italy

We've included Italy on our list of affordable travel destinations in October, but by no means expect this trip date to give you peace and quiet from other travellers abroad. Northern Europe tends to get rather chilly during the months heading into winter and it is the perfect time for northerners to head down south to Italy for some last rays of sun. For international travellers, you're bound to find some extremely affordable flights to Italy due to the nature of the month (right before winter holidays and right after the start of school). If you have the time to swing a trip to Italy in October, what are you waiting for?


7. Southern USA

their summer sun in Southern USA because it's a closer destination than the Caribbean or Europe, and can easily be visited by plane or by car. The picture below is of Florida's well-known Hollywood Studios Park in Walt Disney's World. If you're looking for a new destination to head to this October, try looking into California, Texas, Arizona or Georgia, all beautiful in the fall months.


We know that we're not the only ones with October secrets. Be sure to share with us your autumn travel tips so other adventurers can jump in on some October fun as well!

Is there anything else that you would add to the list?


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