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A Letter To My Sister

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Dear Big Sis,

Looking back, I know I used to drive you up the wall. With six years between us, growing up as children, it was hard to find common ground. I wanted to do everything with you, and you wanted your space. But, as the years passed and we grew older, the gap between us slowly began to fade.

I entered my awkward teenage years as you entered a new world at university. That's when I think we both realized how much we needed one another. I could come to you with things I couldn't talk to anyone else about, and you were always there to listen or offer advice.

The gap fades.

I began university and you got engaged. I shared in your excitement as you began a fresh journey with your new husband. You supported me as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

The gap fades.

You sat us down as a family and announced you were having a baby! Our hearts burst. The excitement was overwhelming. When my nephew entered the world, I loved him more than I thought possible. I watched how amazing you were as a new mother. I was in awe of your strength and love. I was so proud of you.

The gap fades.

I met the man of my dreams and decided to move away from you. One of the hardest decisions I ever made. I still cry when I think about the moment I told you I was leaving. You were pregnant with my second nephew and I knew I would be missing out on so many of the moments I shared with you the first time. But, you loved and supported me. You cried with me. You encouraged me to go.

The gap fades.

I got engaged and we screamed. We laughed. We cried. You answered my panicked phone calls when I needed advice and when things weren't going as planned. You shared in my joy and stood by my side as I married my best friend.

The gap fades.

I couldn't wait to hear your voice the day we found out I was pregnant. I desperately wished the miles didn't separate us. But, I could feel your excitement through the distance. Your love and support travelled the distance. It always does.

The gap fades.

We have been through so much, you and me.

Childhood, marriage, raising our own children. Life.

We have celebrated the wonderful and held each other up during the challenging and sorrowful.

There is a bond between sisters that is hard to explain. We love hard. It's a deep, thick love that sustains us. It is unwavering.

It's knowing you have someone in your corner no matter what.

It's knowing you have someone who will raise you up out of the depths when you need it most.

With every new life experience the gap between us continues to fade.

It has practically vanished.

Even though the distance separates us physically, our bond is stronger than ever.

I treasure our long chats about everything and nothing at all. I treasure the time we do have together. Each moment is a gift. But, most of all, I treasure you. My big sis.

You are my constant, my rock, my sounding board, my very best friend.

Thank you for everything.


Your Lil' Sis

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