05/19/2013 11:57 EDT | Updated 07/19/2013 05:12 EDT

The Foods That Help You Break Down Vitamins

Flickr: Jerry Bunkers

Keeping track of what you should and shouldn't be eating is hard enough! When we start throwing supplements into the mix, it gets even more confusing!

First, let's talk fundamentals. You've got your micronutritents (vitamins and minerals) and your macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein). These two types of nutrients are important when you're looking to have a balance diet and healthy lifestyle.

So, what do these two types of nutrients do? Well, micro and macro nutrients help your body with everyday functioning and best of all they can be found in lots of natural whole foods you probably enjoy on a regular basis!

Unfortunately not all of us are getting enough, and the reasons are simple. Some of us don't know what foods to eat to get these nutrients, some choose to ignore the healthy stuff in favour of junk food, and others have vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. Whatever the case, many of us find ourselves taking vitamins and minerals to supplement what we are missing from our diet. What we don't know, is that the foods we eat with our supplements can affect how much or how little we absorb.

Ever notice that if you get a cold and take lots of vitamin C your pee turns yellow? Or, if your doctor recommends a multivitamin you realize three days later that your pee is neon? These are perfect examples of our bodies not being able to absorb the micronutrients from our vitamins. Instead our bodies flush them out of our system, and into the toilet (pun intended).

We've developed this easy to follow chart to help you better understand what foods help breakdown those vitamins and make it easier for your bodies to absorb them.