04/17/2014 03:46 EDT | Updated 06/17/2014 05:59 EDT

A Tribute to Jim Flaherty and All Who Have Come Before and Will Come After Him

As I was writing a decision this afternoon, I thought of the funeral that was about to happen for a person I was fortunate enough to see on a regular basis over a number of years. Not fortunate to have known terribly well, but grateful to have on the same team.

He was a person who grew up in the same neighbourhoods as I did; the suburbs of Montreal. He eventually moved into the same profession as I did; politics. Having left Quebec, he eventually ended up in provincial politics in Ontario. I worked for cabinet ministers and MPs in Quebec. He as an elected official, and I not for the lack of trying, as a staffer. We eventually gravitated to Federal politics and both ended up in Ottawa. Again, he as an elected official and eventually Minister, and I, again not for the lack of trying, as a staffer.

He is the late Honourable Jim Flaherty.

The work of a politician, and those who work as their loyal staffers is often misunderstood. People just don't get what we do; even those closest to us. Because it's a profession that's misunderstood it's also open for criticism.

Our profession is tough. We are open for partisan attacks on a regular basis. We suffer the wrath of those who do not agree with our policy or opinion. However difficult this can be...we are only human. We are strong with our convictions and work hard to accomplish what we believe in. Those that succeed and are liked get into the business for all the right reasons. We think we can make a difference. We are not in it for ourselves, but are in it for others. We believe we have something to offer. Something that will better the lives of those who live in our communities. We have the calling of public service.

This is the case of the short, free-spirited Irishman that I got to know from afar. He worked hard and lead by example. He fought for the underdog and did what he thought was best for Canadians. He had friends in the greatest and most elite of international financial circles, and was the hero of those who could not fend for themselves.

We have another thing in common as well. He was afflicted with a rare skin ailment and I with cancer. We both worked through our illness and treatment, and gave our all to our political family and to Canadians; regardless of the pain and fatigue. Sadly, having just resigned from such a stressful and busy life, Minister Flaherty would not live to enjoy some of the many pleasures life would have waiting for him. I am no longer part of that world either, but I am still working for Canadians through public service in another way.

And herein lies the heartache for the loss of someone who was suddenly taken from us, after giving so much of himself, and at a time when he was free to give his time to those that counted the most. Your contributions will not be forgotten. Thank you, and rest in peace.