10/21/2014 01:19 EDT | Updated 12/21/2014 05:59 EST

Dear Josie Cunningham, Please Stop Sharing Your Twisted Views on Breastfeeding

When I read about your anti-breastfeeding comments, I thought they'd been reported inaccurately. (We've all heard rumours of what British media can be like, after all.) So off I went to Twitter to look through your feed for myself.

And, wow.

Let's begin with your "natural" statement. Obviously, you have a lot of shame about your own body. I mean, that's clear. You've altered it and your face so much that your own parents probably don't recognize you. So for you to call something unnatural is, frankly, hilarious.

Then you spin this bizarre logic that breastfeeding is unnecessary thanks to the invention of powdered milk (which, by the way, I hope to God Almighty is the term you Brits use for formula, because feeding an infant powdered milk is nowhere near nutritious). I think that's pretty much the same as announcing that since we have telephones or computers, we no longer need to have conversations in person. Ever.

"E-readers have become so popular that we're doing away with books. And, heck, why stop there? Abolish the entire library system!"

Do you see how foolish a statement that is?

Formula can be complementary; it can be an alternative. But it's not a terminal solution.

You don't stop at foolishness. You leap into the murkiest of waters.

I'm so sorry if you've ever experienced incest, but you have an injudicious sense of what falls into the category of this kind of heinous abuse. Breastfeeding is tantamount to incest ? It's not only undeniably wrong, it's incredibly careless. If you only see breasts as sexualized objects, I feel sorry for you. Sorry that somewhere along the way, your morals and body consciousness have been so shifted that you can't appreciate that breasts were not created solely for desire. Sorry that your sense of pleasure is so askew that if you tried nursing your newborn and felt anything positive that it somehow seemed wrong to you. That's very sad.

Oh, but it gets better.

Instead of providing your daughter with your breast milk (even through bottle-feeding), or simply discarding it because you feel so revolted by the whole concept, you believe it's fit for sale! You actually plan to profit from it instead of donating it to a milk bank for women who would do anything to be able to provide their own breast milk to their babies?

Double wow.

Congratulations. You've managed to get some publicity (negative, but I assume that's what you're used to). Maybe you've just earned yourself another reality show that will further erode your sense of self, or secured another nationally broadcast surgery.

And, well done. In the meantime, any wayward young girl or new mother who considers you a role model may now elect not to breastfeed her child. All because of your inaccurate, uneducated, misguided and -- truly -- disgusting sentiments about what is one of the most loving, selfless and beautiful relationships a mother can have with her baby.

Does that make you proud? Does it make your parents proud? Will it, one day, make your child proud?

My guess is that you're too fame-hungry and desperate for attention to even notice.


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