11/16/2014 11:08 EST | Updated 01/16/2015 05:59 EST

What I Learned This Week: Next To Nothing

This is one of the shortest blog posts I've ever composed.


Because I don't have much to say.

This happens on occasion with yours truly, and as I've come to notice these days, much more often with others.

Yet over the past few weeks, I've been privy to press conferences, speeches, blog posts, articles, even books, where not much was said...but it was said with lots and lots of words.

It's as if people grabbed the ol' speech dictum of:

  1. Tell 'em what you'll say
  2. Say it
  3. Tell 'em what you said

...and perversely twisted it into:

  1. Tell 'em what you kinda WANT to say
  2. Spend a disproportionate amount of time and/or words NOT saying it
  3. Tell 'em what you kinda WANTED to say

What really makes me laugh is that on a few occasions, people had the nerve to invoke the phrase "to make a long story short..." This is perhaps one of the most useless expressions in the world, because when someone actually says it, it's usually WAY too late.

But I digress.

So, to avoid being hoisted by my own petard, this week's lesson:

Say something.

That is, IF you have something to say.

If NOT, please follow this advice:

It's better to say nothing with a little than say nothing with a LOT.