06/10/2014 03:10 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:08 EDT

Let Go of the Past to Live Your Best Life Today

Last weekend, I attended a women's conference with local B.C., speakers who shared their wisdom, insights and life experiences and how many of them are continuing to write new chapters in their lives, in the quest for greater happiness and inner peace. Some are still struggling to reconcile past life events that for many have gripped their sub conscious and just won't let go. Some of the women had overcome some tremendous obstacles that for most of us would derail us for a very long time.

As I listened to the speakers something profound struck me, which was the importance of living the best chapters of our life today. There are life events, mishaps, tragedies, accidents that happen which may overwhelm our spirit but with time and reflection, these events will only strengthen who we are. This may sound really simplistic and may appear to be easy to do, but I kid you not, there is inner strength to take a quantum leap forward.

I look around and see many of us not living and evolving and creating our best stories today but continue to rehash old stories of the past. Yes these stories keep us connected to what has happened, but honestly it may be time to let go. What of the past, today's present, and the future? Have we not outgrown some of these past stories? How many of us are searching for true meaning and purpose in what we do everyday? How many of us are consumed with issues of work life balance that there is little time to reflect on where our lives our going?

Yes, it's time to course correct -- start fresh and let it be one of the most empowering things we do for ourselves. We are half way through 2014. What are you going to do to say 2014 was your year? How many of us are on track to achieve the goals we set back in January? Getting unstuck by leaving the past behind be it divorce, death of a spouse/parent, job loss, financial loss, betrayal etc., is the only way to really write the next chapters in your life on your terms. When the past is part of our day to day lives we bind ourselves to old stories and paradigms. New goals create new beginnings.

From time-to-time I am triggered by something that reminds me of my past life. I take comfort in remembering some amazing times, people and places. I choose to remember the good and leave the not so good behind. How we frame or reframe past life events is the key to living our best life today. When we reframe life events and turn them into life lessons, we open ourselves up to making more conscious and mindful daily decisions on how we live. Life lessons are teaching moments.

Are you living in the past? Letting go is the recipe for future success. Embrace a winning mindset and find direction in your life, instead of moving in circles. Dr. Catherine Comuzzi, Psychotherapist in Toronto believes that "when we pursue a focused examination of our automatic habits and begin to challenge and change the entrenched beliefs and patterns that grip us, we can open to more personal freedom." We are reminded of our past all the time but today is a new day to grow into a better self.

If you want to achieve more and feel in control of your life, setting new goals and creating a new journey or path is the way to write the next chapters in your life. By opening yourself up to new possibilities, you will start living the life you want.