03/03/2014 05:19 EST | Updated 05/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Do You Know How Much Your Stock in Life is Worth?

Get yourself moving in the right direction. If you are like most of us you would probably agree that you want more out of your life. It's not that you are not unhappy in your life but you know you could be doing better. Do you feel a bit stuck like you are not moving in the direction you want? In order to know what more means and to get you moving in the right direction, we must first figure out what we are lacking in our lives, and what gap(s) we are trying to fill.

For many of us the thought then turns to wanting more money. For some of us, this is an economic necessity particularly for individuals living on a fixed or low income. More money would mean a better quality of life. For some of us we want more money in order to buy a new house, a new car or take a trip somewhere exotic. There is nothing wrong in wanting these things, but would a bigger house or new car give you the "more" you seek? In order to get more of what we really want and need, we must first take stock or inventory of our lives. We need a starting point.

Live for Today or Plan Tomorrow.

Most of us don't take the time to take stock of our lives -- to sit back and reflect because we have a 1,001 things going on and we are distracted. Who really has the time to hit the pause button and reflect on their lives when career, kids, and household demands trump our waking moments, thoughts and activities? And managing the new "worry epidemic" has added yet another layer on top of an already full plate. It's easy to get caught on the treadmill of life. Unless we are shown an alternative route, it's hard to get off the path we are taking. I am reminded of John Lennon's quote "Life is What Happens to You While You're Busy Making Other Plans."

What Gap are you trying To Fill?

All of us have gaps to fill in life in our quest to get more, live better, and reach our goals sooner. If you love making lists, you will love this mini-exercise. Take five minutes this week and make a list of everything you have. You can put whatever comes to mind. Label this List A. Then make a second list of all the things you need, want or don't have. Label this List B. The lists can be as long as you want. As you create your lists check in with your emotions and be honest with yourself. You may be surprised what a little self-honesty will do, and it doesn't matter what the "want" is. Write your lists. Now put the lists away.

In a few days, pick the lists up and review List B first. Does anything surprise you on that list? Pause. Take stock. How big is the gap in your life? Does anything stand out as being meaningless or unimportant? Now review List A. What do you notice about it? Is there really a gap between List A and List B? Let the answers to these questions guide you.

When you start to think about your life differently and shift your mindset away from what you don't have to what you do have, there is a profound change and field of awareness; you have the ability to choose.

Here are a few simple tips to live by:

  • Set your goals in motion everyday
  • Show up and be present in your life
  • Find purpose to stay focused to reach your goals
  • Fill the gaps that really matter


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