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Top 5 Dope Girl Summer Songs


Ray bans. Red vines. Go train station stops in the suburbs. Shorts and high heels. Green tea ice cream. Windows down in my dad's old Toyota Camry. Henry Miller. Beautiful girls from countries I've never heard of. Fresh fish, cockroaches and late-night club crawlers in Chinatown.

Sex in tiny apartments. Dancing with gay boys I'd never met. Inhibition. Open mics and playing guitar. Kensington market vintage. Headphones on. Streetcar wires making mini fireworks. Jamaican patties. Traffic. Hot concrete. 3 a.m. Neon convenience store lights flashing through my bedroom window.

I'm Anjulie. I sing and write pop music. These are the images I have of my summers in Toronto and this was my soundtrack...

  • Robyn, "Dancing on my Own"
    The second I heard this song I was smitten. It has one of the most recognizable pulsating melodic synth sounds in pop music history. The lyrics are heartbreaking and juxtaposed with the uplifting track it's emotional dance pop magic. A perfect mix of dark and sweet, like black glitter bubblegum.
  • La Roux , "Bulletproof"
    The epicness of this track is obvious when you strip it down to just guitar and vocals. I'm a sucker for a good girl with a vengeance song, hence "Brand New Bitch", and this one kicks ass.
  • Ting Tings, "That's Not My Name"
    Being a songwriter who really hones in on craft and figuring out song structure, I kinda love the fact that this song throws everything I know out the window. It feels like a happy accident. The lyrics about being a regular chick who doesn't stand out, "Getting glammed up and sitting on the fence", feel really genuine and refreshing. In a world where everyone's the shit, she's the same. She happened to be frustrated enough with her mediocrity that she stumbled onto a hit.
  • The Waitresses, "I Know What Boys Like"
    I love how straightforward this track is. It's not riddled with irony, innuendo or opinion. The song gets me with the attitude. The girl's just plain bored of being so hot.
  • Neneh Cherry, "Buffalo Stance"
    "Ladies and gentleman I'd like to introduce the hi hat" is the best intro lyric ever! This is one of my fave old-school hip-hop songs. All the elements feel so fresh and experimental. The clash of the sax mixed with the super loud hip-hop claps and electro-house bass line feel like they were just having fun making it and messing with genres. This track clearly influenced so many artists after it, including Gwen Stefani, Kelis, MIA and Charli XCX.

Anjulie is a Canadian/Guyanese/Indian Juno award winning, platinum selling artist who's written songs for artists like Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson, Icona Pop, Cher Lloyd, Fefe Dobson, Zedd and Diplo.

Previous releases include hits like "Brand new Bitch" "You and I," "Stand Behind the Music" "Boom" "Colombia," and "Addicted2Me"

Check out her new summer song here "Falling in Love Again."


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