12/28/2012 05:22 EST | Updated 02/27/2013 05:12 EST

Instead of New Year's Resolutions, Try Words to Live By


For years I would come up with the usual New Year's resolutions -- you know the ones -- lose weight, get healthy, not work so hard, and by February, they were a thing of the past.

So in 2012, instead of making New Year's resolutions that I never keep, I decided to pick three words to live my life by. What were they? Health, acceptance and authenticity, and as I reflect back on the year, I can honestly say it worked.

My choices were very much influenced by a couple of factors. First I had started the year with some virus that lasted months and so the focus on health and getting better made sense. Frankly I had run myself ragged and needed to listen to my body.

Second, I chose acceptance because I knew, in going back to being a solopreneur, with no staff in the office, I was going to have to streamline or let go of some processes and lower my expectations of what I could achieve on my own. I have been on a steep learning curve on all things technical but have actually been impressed with what I have been able to juggle and do on my own.

As for authenticity, much of that was influenced by my determination to be real, to be true to myself and to say "no" when I needed to.

So given the success of this year's three words in shaping my direction, I have decided to give it another try for 2013 and it's interesting because I am not picking the same three words.

No, my picks are, once again, indicative of how I am feeling and the stage I am at both professionally and personally. So this year I am going with energy, creativity and connectivity.

Why? After a shaky start to the year, I've found this fall that I've got my mojo back and have renewed enthusiasm and energy for what I am doing, which leads me next to creativity. I love finding new ways to bring people together, and want to facilitate more creative connections in 2013. On a personal note, I also want to make more time for my writing and who knows, maybe I will start working on my next book.

As for connectivity, I have come to realize that I know a lot of people, but like any relationships, you have to stay in touch, stay connected. So in 2013 I want to build on those relationships, look at ways we can work together and continue to link like-minded women.

I realize this may all sound rather simplistic, but at least I am not setting up goals that I have no hope or long-term desire to achieve. This way, I am leaving it more open, and giving myself a framework within which to work and live my life.

So there you have it. Of course, you know what I am going to ask -- what three words would you choose? Let me know.