10/05/2012 12:07 EDT | Updated 12/05/2012 05:12 EST

Do Cheaters Drink More Coffee?


Our latest survey shows that those who enjoy more than three cups of coffee a day could be more inclined to have an affair.

Over 12,000 members of online affair service were polled about their food and drink preferences, revealing that 86.4 per cent of our members are coffee fiends. Our average member guzzles 4.5 cups a day, surpassing the Canadian average of 3.2 cups (according to an Ipsos Reid poll). We raise a cup of Joe to all coffee-loving cheaters on our site and share with spouses what they should watch out for!

During an interview, our CEO Noel Biderman admitted, "Cheating hearts seem to run on caffeine, needing to be stimulated in more ways than one. The amount of coffee cheaters consume shows they need the extra energy to keep up with their extra-curricular activities while juggling work and family demands at the same time."

Here at, we can only advise to watch out for the ones that frequent cafés. In our poll, 74.9 per cent of members get most of their caffeine fixes from coffee shops while only 25.1 per cent prefer brewing at home or work. Starbucks and Second Cup are the shops at the top of the list for those who venture out to score their multiple daily cups.

Clearly, the social aspect of coffee is huge, especially in the dating world. Escaping to a coffee shop allows cheaters the opportunity to check their phone messages, meet up for a quick rendez-vous, or maybe even chat up the Barista.