11/05/2013 06:07 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Actual Things Doctors Have Said to Overweight Patients

That we have a widespread anti-fat bias and discrimination out there is no secret. But when this comes from the very people who should be there to provide help and support to those struggling with excess weight, I guess we really have a problem.

So recently, I posed the question to my readers to share the stupidest remarks they have ever heard from a health professional about their weight -- the response was overwhelming.

The comments, range from those that are simply useless...

"Just put your fork and spoon down and go for a walk instead."

"Don't eat so many cookies."

"Use your willpower!"

"Just stop bending your elbow."

"Just follow Canada Food Guide."

"Eat only fruit and nuts for a month."

"Eat what your sister eats, look at her, she is thin." those that are downright insulting:

"You might want to move to Turkey as they like hairy, fat women there."

"What do you do, sit and eat a pound of butter a day?"

"It's normal for overweight people to be short of breath when they are suddenly active."

"Walrusses are not skinny and neither will you ever be."

"Well, they lost weight in Auschwitz, didn't they?"

If you have experienced such inappropriate behaviour from health professionals about your weight, I'd love to hear about it.

Just one rule: please do not name the professional or provide any other identifiable details -- I am more interested in the nature of the comments than in who said what.

Adapted from a previous post on Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes

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