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My Maternity Photo Shoot Empowered Me To Love My Pregnant Body

maternity photo

Here we go... In five weeks I will be experiencing childbirth and becoming a mom for the very first time. Back in October last year, I took three pregnancy tests all showing positive results and still couldn't believe we had created a baby!

For the next nine months, this little bean would be calling my uterus home and I would soon be experiencing all the highs and lows of pregnancy.

In all honestly, the road to becoming a mom hasn't been all sunshine and roses for me. Being pregnant hasn't been as magical as some comment that it is. I could have had it worse -- my heart goes out to women throwing up their whole pregnancy or who went through years trying to get pregnant, but I spent the first eight weeks in so much pain I thought I was carrying Rosemary's baby. LOL. And then came the nausea.

It is such a horrible feeling having the world's worst hangover every day and nothing will seem to help, or worse, what you know will help is on the list of meds etc. that you aren't allowed to take.

On a more positive note

I am not an overly religious person but took up regular praying to God to stop the spins (to no avail). And then came the nipple pain. I am pretty sure that an invisible person has been squeezing/stabbing them during my whole pregnancy. Apparently it gets worse with breastfeeding and let's just say that's not on my looking-forward-to list.

On a more positive note, (as I don't think I am selling pregnancy very well), that moment you feel the baby's first kick is pretty special. Knowing that you have created a human being with the person you love more than anything in the world somehow helps a lot of the more negative sides of pregnancy be tolerable or disappear.

And that first time you see your baby on the ultrasound machine moving around you realize just how precious this little person is.

maternity photo

I wondered having been certain measurements for the last few years how I would come to terms with an ever-expanding body and coming off of a strict diet.

I actually found it pretty darn easy.

I reached five months and still wasn't showing much and actually had moments of sadness because I wasn't showing and there were so many comments of me not having a belly. Then the stomach muscles give up their battle and pop goes the bump!

Comments suddenly abound "Wow you're so big" and "You're carrying low... must be a boy"! My feelings about the comments depended on where I was at with the roller coaster of hormones that have been flooding my body!

I finally got to be in a photo shoot where I'm not squeezing my abs or worried about my angles.

I recently did a maternity photo shoot with Wendy J Photography here in Vancouver. I found it so empowering showing off my belly and how my body has changed. I finally got to be in a photo shoot where I'm not squeezing my abs or worried about my angles.

This freedom left me feeling incredibly beautiful and confident. It is a pretty amazing feeling getting to display what your body has created and know you will have these images one day to show your little person.

One of the most remarkable things about my pregnancy is how I started noticing how women everywhere were being out of their way nice to me. No more sideways "up and down" looks.

Women of all ages and those with children would smile at me and other pregnant women would stop to chat to me. It was like I was becoming part of this unspoken club that you suddenly become part of when you are pregnant. It has been really nice to connect with women on this level.

maternity photo

I shall keep you posted how the next part of this story goes. Five weeks until I push a watermelon out (a.k.a. our baby). The idea terrifies me but I do realize our bodies are meant to do this.

One way or another it's got to come out! My husband and I are planning a natural water birth at Women's Hospital and hoping for smooth delivery and healthy baby boy or girl. Soon I should have a good story to tell!

Cheers to all the women out there that have experienced pregnancy -- you ladies make it look a lot easier than it is!

Photos: Wendy J Photography

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